Which shaver is best for you?

Men have been trimming or removing their facial hair for thousands of years; be it with the use of sea-dwelling clams (yes really!) around 30,000 years ago, or in the popular barbershops of the 19th century – remaining well-groomed has been persistently important for men.

In the modern day, facial hair is part of an identity for many men. Whether you like to be cleanly shaven and smooth faced, rock designer stubble or wear your full beard with pride, Braun has the perfect shaver for you and your needs.

The one when you’re just starting out

3010s Braun Shave You might be looking for your first electric shaver, replacing an older model, or looking to invest in a functional and robust shaver that will last. The 3010s from Braun is great for all three, part of Braun’s renowned series 3 range, it combines a 3-flex head with a microcomb for a quick, comfortable shave.

3010s Braun Shave head The 3010s makes use of Braun’s mighty triple action cutting system; composed of a microcomb to feed hair through and two SensoFoils adept at cutting both long and short hairs.

2 powerful rechargeable batteries provide 45 minutes of shaving time from a one-hour charge- making for an effortless cordless shave.

Prefer to shave wet? Not a problem, the 3010s is completely waterproof and can be used wet or dry and with foam or gel.

The one to travel with

M090 Pocket Shaver Got a destination wedding but not much room in your case? Take frequent business trips across the country? Need a back-up shaver in your car for a quick trim on the go? The M-90 is the model for you.

A pocket-sized portable design and no plug required (the M-90 is AA battery powered) makes for a fuss-free shave no matter your location.

M090 Pocket Shaver Flexible, extra wide SmartFoil catches hair growing in all directions, and for that slightly longer hair and the tricky-to-reach bits? A concealed precision trimmer slides smoothly out to take care of it all.

Fully washable under running water and allowing for 60 minutes of shaving time with two fully powered AAs, the M-90 is one to keep in every travel bag.

The one for when only the best will do

Braun series 9 Perhaps it’s time for you to graduate to the top of the shaving game. Maybe the special man in your life deserves a little luxury. For you? Only the best will do – the Braun Series 9

Comprising 5 synchronised shaving elements, the world’s strongest Sonic technology, and an AutoSensing motor – this feat of precision German engineering is crafted for exceptional performance, every day.

Braun series 9. Two specialised middle trimmers, two ultra-thin OptiFoils, one dedicated skin guard, and 10,000 vibrations of sonic technology work in harmony for a close and effortless shave. For those pesky areas and finishing touches, a precision trimmer glides out of the back of the shaver for accurate contouring.

A 10-D pivoting head with 5 phase MultiHeadLock allows better access to your skin surface, particularly below the jawline and under the nose.

Waterproof up to 5 metres, the series 9 can be used with foam, gel, dry, in the shower, and in your local shark tank should you so choose.

Fully charge your Li-ion battery for 60mins of shaving, or quick charge for 5 minutes for a single shave. An intuitive LED display informs you at the end of each shave how much battery power you have left remaining. And when you’re done? Time for a thorough clean, dry, lubrication and charge of this Aston Martin of shaving; all taken care of by your Clean & Charge station of course.

The one for head-to-toe

MGK3085 Trimmer set Like to keep yourself well-groomed all over but don’t want to carry five different gadgets around to do so? The MGK3085 should be top of your wish list.

9 separate attachments can be used for clean shaving, maintaining stubble and short beards, precision trimming, contour edging, hair clipping, body grooming and nose and ear trimming.

Lifetime lasting sharp blades ensure even stubborn, thick hairs are trimmed by stainless steel blades.

MGK3085 A 1-hour charge allows you 60 minutes of precision grooming, and don’t worry, the power is lifetime lasting too.

Sound good? The MGK3085 can also be used wet and dry- it’s safe to use in the shower and can be easily cleaned under running water meaning zero fuss and pesky fuzz getting everywhere.

Still not sure which model is quite right for you? Take a further look at our models here and find your perfect fit.