Keep it trim

Facial and bodily hair trends for men have varied greatly over even just the last 50 years; between the 1960s and the present day an array of grooming trends have graced the faces of men from clean shaven, to goatees and soul patches, full beards and everything in between. Today, facial hair is undoubtedly in. If you’re into designer stubble, a neatly trimmed beard and moustache, or a full-on face bush worthy of a Viking god you’ll need some tools to keep your style looking your best, enter Braun…

First up, the designer stubble:

BT3221 Braun Beard Trimmer You’re looking for a simple, stylish look that requires a little maintenance to keep in check. Perfect for enhancing the contours of your face and preventing you from looking baby faced, designer stubble is a great look and easily achieved.

To accomplish that effortless “I woke up like this” look we recommend the BT3221 Braun Beard Trimmer. Set the trimmer to the closest of its 20 length settings and let the ultra-sharp blades do their work. To keep your stubble short, use daily (don’t worry, lifetime lasting blades will keep the BT3221 working beautifully), or adjust the length settings for a slightly more grown-out style.

Next, the groomed beard:

MGK3221 Braun Beard Trimmer The neat, shorter beard has become a far more popular look for men over the last 5 years. What was once considered inappropriate for the office is now commonplace, and in fact adds sophistication to many faces. One of the best things about sporting the shorter version of a full beard is that it does not require a huge amount of maintenance.

The MGK3221 from Braun is a great option for those looking to keep a shorter beard, and the rest of their body well groomed. A rule of thumb for short beards is keeping the hair between 3mm and 5mm in length – the MGK3221 has two beard combs for lengths 3mm-11mm and 13mm-21mm, as well as two 1mm and 2mm combs for a shorter trim. Whilst great for keeping that facial hair in check, the MGK3221 can also be used to trim your head, ear and nose hair – keeping your entire look fresh.

Lastly, the bushy beard:

Last but not least, the full and bushy beard. Worthy of the good and great in recent years, including the unfailingly stylish George Clooney and Game of Thrones’ sex symbol Jason Momoa – the big beard is back

MGK5280 9 in 1 Trimmer In need of a tool to keep your sizeable facial hair in check? The MGK5280 is a magnificent 9-in-1 trimmer. Keep your facial pride and joy perfectly maintained with four combs for a variety of facial and head hair types. Like to keep your contoured edges sharp? Lifetime lasting, ultra-sharp blades ensure the smoothest of lines.

If you’re in need of a trim elsewhere, smart hair clippers will keep your barnet looking its best, whilst the bodygroomer attachment keeps your body hair trimmed exactly how you like it.

Get rid of pesky nose and ear hairs at bay with included trimmers.

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